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Core Services For Health & Wellness Law

Most business owners have some legal questions that can be answered in a 15-minute Advice Session. After your call, your lawyer may recommend one of our fixed-rate legal services that could benefit your business, including some of the popular services below. Visit our pricing page to see the rest of our legal services.

Covid-19 Safety Plan (basic)

Annual Price: $780 + Tax

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Employment policies

Annual Price: $240 + Tax

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Advice Session

Annual Price: $39 + Tax

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Popular practice areas in Health Care and Wellness

Cybersecurity, Privacy & Data Protection

Privacy law centers around engagement and data collection. Privacy lawyers can draft and clarify the privacy policies and terms of use for your site or app.

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Intellectual Property

Copyright, patent, and trademark laws protect your unique creations from copycats. IP lawyers can help you understand your options and maximize the value of your intellectual property.

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Employment, Labour Relations, & Human Resources

Employment laws govern the relationships between employers and employees. These lawyers can draft your custom agreements and advise on HR and employment issues.

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Business Tax

Tax law is notoriously complex and affects every business in Canada. A Tax lawyer can help you navigate these rules and save your business thousands of dollars per year.

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Business Immigration

Finding and securing top talent is critical for your business to grow. Sometimes that means bringing the right talent to you with strategies and advice from an Immigration lawyer.

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Wills & Estates

As a business owner, you've got a lot at stake. A Wills & Estates lawyer develops a plan for how to handle your personal and business assets in the case of your untimely demise.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is business law?

Business law includes any and all laws that can affect business operations. This makes it a very broad field that is constantly evolving. Business lawyers must be familiar with standard business practices as well as business law.

Why should I contact a business lawyer?

Booking an Advice Session with a business lawyer can save your business from conflicts later on. It's a good choice to ensure you receive the legal counsel you need before making big decisions or entering contracts as it can protect you and your business. For example, a business lawyer can review your standard contract to ensure it is legally binding and that you have all the protection you need if there is a problem in the future.

Do I need a business lawyer in my city and/or province?

Maybe. Regulations for employment law and corporate law vary from province to province, so a local lawyer is recommended for questions relating to these areas. Other legal needs, including commercial dealings, immigration, and intellectual property are regulated federally and you can work with a lawyer from anywhere in Canada. If you need a business lawyer in your province or city we will match you according to your needs.

How do I know if my business lawyer is qualified?

At Goodlawyer, we select, vet, train, review, and monitor each and every business lawyer on our platform to ensure they demonstrate the requisite training, legal skill, experience, and customer-oriented mindset to effectively and efficiently service our users' legal needs. We strongly encourage our users to rate their lawyers on their completion of a legal mandate to optimize transparency for future users. If a lawyer’s reviews fall below an acceptable level, they are removed from the platform.

What’s the difference between corporate law and business law?

Corporate law relates exclusively to corporations. As such, it can be thought of as a special sub-section of business law. Most of our business lawyers are well-equipped to handle small corporations, but it is a good idea to engage with one of our more specialized corporate lawyers if you have a more complex corporation.