Goodlawyer vs. Law Firms

Goodlawyer is not a law firm or lawyer referral service. It's a platform for Canadian businesses to find cost-effective legal support and connect with trusted lawyers.

How are we different?

Law Firms
What is it?

A legaltech company that is reimagining how businesses and lawyers connect and work together for everyone’s benefit.

Businesses owned by one or more lawyers to offer legal services. The conventional way to hire a lawyer in Canada.


Goodlawyer is proud to offer legal solutions that are completely tailored to your business needs. Get fixed-fee services and custom projects from our marketplace, or hire a Fractional General Counsel to meet your growing legal needs.

The majority of Canadian law firms operate on a billable hour model where you are charged an hourly rate for the time it takes a lawyer to finish your project.


Our team actively recruits experienced lawyers who have exceptional expertise in their field and offer great customer service for their clients. The lawyers on our platform are interviewed, background checked, and publicly reviewed after each project they complete.

There are more than 20,000 law firms in Canada. You need a lawyer with specific expertise and finding the right firm is a time consuming process. Not only do you need to find a lawyer with the right skills, but someone who is a good fit for your business and actually cares about your success.

Pricing Transparency

Know how much your legal work will cost before you commit to pursuing the work. If you don’t require changes in scope partway through the project, the price you receive upfront is the price you pay at completion.

For most law firms the final price of a service isn't calculated until after it's completed, often leaving clients with a confusing and sometimes shocking bill.


We strategically recruit and onboard lawyers to ensure that we have highly specialized and experienced lawyers in all areas of law that touch your business. We can direct you to lawyers with the skills you're looking for, and can even manage complex services requiring multiple lawyers from different practice areas.

Firms typically do not have a full roster of experts in every area of law to assist their clients. Be aware that your specialized legal work may be handled by a generalist. Only the largest law firms in Canada have coverage of all practice areas.

Timely Service

Emailing or messaging us connects you directly with a member of the Goodlawyer team. Most inquiries get a response same day if sent during working hours.

Recent studies show that law firms only manage to answer 44% of phone calls and 40% of emails. Put simply, law firms don't prioritize customer service.

It’s time for change.

Stop dealing with the stress and expense of a traditional law firm. Join the thousands choosing Goodlawyer for a better way.