The Great Goodlawyer Giveaway
Goodlawyer connects clients with lawyers
Goodlawyer connects clients with lawyers

The Great Goodlawyer Giveaway

Thank your favourite small business (even your own) by gifting them something they'll actually use — a year of free legal advice from Goodlawyer worth $600!

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This one's for the local legends

Small businesses are what bring communities to life with bright colours, delicious food, outstanding quality, and a friendly face at the counter. This year, we're giving them the gift they deserve.

How does it work?

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1. Nominate

Let us know about your favourite small business and why you love what they do.

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2. Follow

Take a second to follow Goodlawyer on any of our social medias :)

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3. Feel Good

You've just done something meaningful to support the small business community!

Support small business

Support your local heroes

Nominate the small businesses that bring the most to your community. They can be restaurants, retailers, co-working spaces, gyms, studios, e-commerce stores, or something completely different — it can even be your own company and you can nominate as many businesses as you want.

To make a nomination, you need to tell us 1) what business you are nominating, and 2) why you support them. Do this by commenting on any of our Giveaway posts in December on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

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Gift them something useful

We will select the top three most interesting, impactful, and popular businesses that get nominated. The winners will receive one full year of Goodlawyer Pro for FREE. That means unlimited 15-minute advice sessions and a whole shwack of other perks.

We'll have a smaller but still awesome prize for any company that gets nominated too :)

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Spread the holiday cheer

Small businesses love to hear from their fans, so share your favourites on social media!

The easiest way is to share a link to this page and an explanation of why you support your nominee (tag them and Goodlawyer in your post!). If you can think of better more exciting ways to share our contest, you might get some bonus points ;)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I nominate my own business?

Absolutely! We would love to hear about how you're improving your community.

Can I nominate a business more than once?

Yes, but we only count each nomination one time per channel. i.e. Nominating a business once on LinkedIn and once on this website counts as two votes while nominating a business twice on LinkedIn only counts as one vote.

Can I nominate more than one business?

Yup! All businesses that are nominated will receive a prize of some kind so feel free to nominate as many as you'd like.

When will results be shared?

Winners will be announced on December 30, 2020 via our social media channels. We will also directly reach out to any winners.

Are there geographic restrictions?

Yes, you must nominate Canadian businesses only.

What is given to the winners?

One free year of Goodlawyer Pro worth $600. Goodlawyer Pros get unlimited 15-minute advice sessions plus a whole bunch of other perks.

Why are you doing this?

Goodlawyer is a huge supporter of small businesses and startups. This year has been hard on them and we want to give back in our own special way.

How do I nominate a business on social media?

Comment on any Goodlawyer Giveaway post made in December with 1) the business you're nominating and 2) why you think they're so great. That's it!

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Goodlawyer connects clients with lawyers
Goodlawyer connects clients with lawyers
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