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What can a Commercial Real Estate lawyer help you with?

Buying or Selling Property

Purchase and Sale Agreements

Checking for Claims on a Property

Confirm a Property has a Valid Title

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Frequently asked questions

What is commercial real estate law?

These lawyers are experts in the local laws that govern commercial real estate and real estate transactions. They also fall under the umbrella practice area, business law.

Why should I consult a commercial real estate lawyer?

Real estate transactions are complex, each jurisdiction has its own real estate laws, and purchase agreements are typically long and very detailed. By booking an advice session with a real estate lawyer they can help you understand all the obligations you have if you are buying or selling property and they can confirm that there are no clauses in your purchase and sale agreement that will negatively impact you. They can also confirm that the property you are purchasing or selling has a valid title and there are no claims against the property.

Can a commercial real estate lawyer help me buy or sell property?

Yes, absolutely. Real estate lawyers can help with buying and selling real estate by reviewing contracts and acting as a witness if necessary.

Can a real estate lawyer help me negotiate?

A real estate lawyer isn't required to negotiate, but they can help. Buying, selling, and leasing property involves dozens of laws at all levels of government. Understanding these laws can help you negotiate more favourable terms.

How do I know my lawyer is good?

Every lawyer has been interviewed and background checked. They must be licensed and receive consistently positive reviews to remain on the platform.

What if I realize I have a larger legal need after my advice session?

Good lawyers can provide most legal services. The cost of the initial advice session will be deducted from the cost of the larger service.

What if my lawyer can't answer my questions?

If you are unsatisfied with the legal advice you receive from your lawyer, Goodlawyer will give you your money back. Simply email to request a refund.

Will I be matched with a lawyer in my city?

You will be able to select the lawyer you want to work with. We partner with lawyers in every major Canadian city, but we can’t guarantee they will be available at all times.