Contract Review

A Contract Review is designed to provide quick, reliable advice about a contract and answer questions. Booking a Contract Review starts with scheduling a time, picking a lawyer, and submitting your document and questions. Your lawyer will review your contract and return a copy with highlighted areas of concern. On the call, they will explain their markup, give you advice, and discuss your options.

Your contract review gives you a combined 1-hour of lawyer time for document review and consulting.

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How it works:

Find a Goodlawyer

Get started on the platform and book directly into your chosen lawyer’s calendar.


Assess your needs

Have a free Initial Consultation to ensure it’s a good match and scope your legal needs.


Kick things off

Receive an upfront quote to book when you’re ready to get the legal work underway.

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for Pros

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Up to 1 hour of lawyer time


A review of your contract, document, or form


Call with your lawyer to explain comments and answer questions

Your lawyer might suggest a custom quote depending on the complexity of your contract.

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