Contract Review

What is a Contract Review?

A Contract Review is an exclusive Goodlawyer micro service designed to provide quick, reliable advice on your contracts and answer any questions related to them. Booking a Contract Review starts with scheduling a time, picking a lawyer, and submitting your document and questions. Your lawyer reviews your contract and returns a copy with comments and suggestions, then calls you at the scheduled time to explain their markup, give you advice, and discuss your options.


  • Markup of your contract, document, or form

  • 15 minute phone call with a qualified lawyer

  • Answers to one or two specific questions

  • Money-back satisfaction guarantee up to 4 pages ($100)

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$25 / page

Goodlawyer Pro

$50 off

What's pro?

What is the process?

  1. Book your appointment. Pick a lawyer and time for your appointment, and submit your questions online.

  2. Upload your file. Send your contract and any relevant background information to your lawyer in a few clicks. Your lawyer will provide a markup of your document before your scheduled call.

  3. Talk to your lawyer. Your lawyer will call you to discuss your file, their comments, and answer your questions.

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