Custom Service Consultation

What's a Custom Service Consultation?

A Custom Service Consultation is an exclusive Goodlawyer micro service designed to identify and scope custom legal services that are not currently offered on our fixed-fee menu. Booking a Custom Service Consult starts with scheduling a time, picking a lawyer, and submitting your questions. Your lawyer prepares for the call and calls you at the scheduled time to give you advice and explain your options.


  • 15 minute phone call with a qualified lawyer. Your lawyer will let you know if your issue requires more than 15 minutes of discussion.

  • Answers to one or two specific questions

  • Upfront quote for your custom legal service

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What's pro?

What is the process?

  1. Book your appointment. Pick a time, pick a lawyer, and submit your questions. 

  2. Have your scheduled call. Your lawyer will call you to discuss your legal needs.

  3. Review your options. Get the answers you need and learn what your options are.

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