Workplace Policies

What are Workplace Policies?

Your workplace policies are critical documents for your company and it’s imperative that they abide employment laws. They outline your company’s general relationship with employees and contractors, and are tightly related to your Employment Agreements and Independent Contractor Agreements. Workplace policies are always unique to the business and include sections ranging from employee conduct to sick days to the company mission.


  • Project kick-off call to gather information, advise you, and answer questions

  • One customized set of Employment Policies

  • One round of minor revisions if necessary

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What is the process?

  1. Book a call. Pick a time to discuss your Workplace Policies with a Good Lawyer.

  2. Design your Policies. Help your lawyer understand the situation and the goals of your Policies. Your lawyer will determine what wording and clauses you need in your Workplace Policies and draft something tailored to your business.

  3. Receive your Policies. You will receive a digital copy of the Workplace Policies, ready to be shared with employees.

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