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For high-growth founders and executives who need dedicated legal support without the costs of hiring in-house counsel.


Samir, Fractional GC

Former In-House, Walmart

Who is Fractional Counsel for?

Fractional Counsel was designed for high-growth companies who need ongoing legal help and don't have the time or workload to hire in-house.

We offer a wide range of Fractional Counsel options with our network of experienced in-house counsel and former big firm lawyers from across Canada.

What can Fractional Counsel do for you?

These are the top benefits experienced by Fractional Counsel clients.

As an embedded team member, a Fractional Counsel is there to create and serve a longterm business relationship, not a one-off transaction. Fractional Counsels integrate into your organization and get to know your team to become an expert in your business — producing actionable and specific legal advice that supports better business decisions.

They can also help improve internal operations and strategy by proactively mitigating risks before issues arise. A Fractional Counsel can even replace the senior law firm partner as the CEO’s primary counsellor, becoming a core member of management and participating in decisions and actions that touch both law and business.

On the heels of the pandemic and the Great Resignation, senior legal talent is leaving established law firms and migrating to startups for alternative engagements and Fractional roles. This is great news for startups and scaleups, especially those in regulated industries, where senior legal expertise and guidance is essential.

Our Fractional Counsel candidates have strong technical legal training, experience working with successful organizations, and years of practice operating in a practical, business-minded way in your industry. With the right combination of technical legal expertise and industry experience, your Fractional Counsel will help your team solve legal challenges efficiently and effectively, while contributing to the company’s growth and success.

It’s easy to lose track of external legal engagements and fees. Under the traditional billable hour model, growing businesses can easily rack up hundreds of thousands of dollars in external legal bills. We've seen it. Due to the high-costs of working with external law firms, many scaling businesses limit their legal engagements to major transactions only, missing out on the strategic value of operationalizing their recurring legal needs during a critical growth stage. 

With our Fractional Counsel model, our customers are realizing the benefits of embedding a legal partner to manage their recurring legal operations, while drastically reducing the size of their legal bills. Premised on fixed monthly fee arrangements, the Fractional model means that all your business’ legal questions and operations get addressed, without worrying about being “on the clock”.

A typical fractional legal counsel engagement often begins with a comprehensive legal assessment of your organization to evaluate legal risks, identify your legal priorities and build a roadmap for your legal and business operations. Armed with the confidence of organizational clarity, your Fractional Counsel can take ownership of the legal roadmap, so your executive team can concentrate on growing the business.

CEOs, CFOs and founder teams are spread thin. They manage many responsibilities within their organizations, rarely finding time to hit everything on their (always-growing) to-do-lists. 

An effective Fractional Counsel reduces the demand on executives’ time, so they’re able to concentrate on their core management tasks, rather than delegating and managing legal work. Imagine how fast your organization could move with your executive team focused on exactly what they do best.

In-house experience

From startup to enterprise — we'll match you with a Fractional Counsel who understands your business.

Strategic legal value

Transform your legal provider from a pure cost centre into a strategic contributor on your team.

Less stress, more focus

Integrated legal counsel can anticipate your legal issues so you can stay focused on the business.

How does Fractional Counsel work?

Add a trusted legal expert to your team in less than two weeks.

1. Talk to our team

Book a call with our team and we will handpick a shortlist of Fractional Counsel candidates.

2. Meet the talent

Review your shortlist and we will schedule interviews with your preferred lawyers.

3. Hire your lawyer

Choose your Fractional Counsel and we will work with you to scope the mandate.

Talk to our legal team.

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