Independent Contractor Agreement

What is an Independent Contractor Agreement?

Independent Contractor Agreements, sometimes called Service Agreements, are legal contracts that define the terms between a business and an external contractor or service provider.  A tailored Independent Contractor Agreement is critical to formalizing your business relationships and establishing expectations. These agreements outline terms such as the work to be done and who can perform the work, compensation structures, and who owns any intellectual property produced.

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What is the process?

  1. Book a call: Pick a time to discuss your Independent Contractor Agreement with a Good Lawyer. They'll help you determine if you need a Basic or Complex agreement.

  2. Design your Agreement: You’ll have a call with your Good Lawyer to help them understand your business so they can draft an Independent Contractor Agreement that adequately protects you and your contractors.

  3. Receive your Document: You will receive a copy of the Independent Contractor Agreement, ready for use.

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