Initial Consultation

What is an Initial Consultation?

Initial Consultations are used to meet a new lawyer for the first time and assess how they can help you. Booking an Initial Consultation involves picking a lawyer and selecting a time. Your lawyer calls you at the scheduled time to introduce themselves and learn more about you.


  • Introductory phone call with a qualified lawyer.

  • Assess your legal needs to see how your Good Lawyer can help.

Not included:

  • Initial Consultations are NOT legal advice. You will not receive advice or answers to specific legal questions during an Initial Consultation.

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What's pro?

What is the process?

  1. Book your consultation. Pick a time, pick a lawyer, and submit any comments. 

  2. Have your scheduled call. Your lawyer will call you to discuss your legal needs.

  3. Review your options. Learn about your options and confidently move forward.

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