Privacy Policy

What is a Privacy Policy?

If you have a website or app, you’re probably collecting personal information from your visitors and users, whether you know it or not. Under Canadian and International privacy law,  organizations that collect or use “personal information” must have a privacy policy in place that informs users about their privacy practices. A professionally-drafted Privacy Policy will keep your organization compliant with all relevant privacy laws by explaining why personal information is being collected, what the organization will do with it, how it will be protected, and who it might get shared with.

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What is the process?

  1. Book a call: Pick a time to discuss your Privacy Policy with a Good Lawyer. They'll help you determine if you need a Basic or Complex agreement.

  2. Design your Document. You’ll have a call with your Good Lawyer to help them understand your business so they can draft a Privacy Policy that accurately reflects your business practices and makes you compliant with relevant privacy laws.

  3. Receive your Document: You will receive a copy of the Privacy Policy, ready for use.

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