Start-Up Visa Bundle

Your Full-Service Solution

Bring your business and family to Canada on time and on budget.

It’s not easy to navigate the immigration system while looking to establish a new business in Canada. This is where Goodlawyer can provide a competitive advantage.

The Goodlawyer Start-Up Visa (SUV) Bundle connects you with a specialized immigration lawyer who will guide you every step of the way.

This bundle includes Permanent Resident and Work Permit applications for your business and dependents. It also includes legal services core to the success of your application, including incorporation, a business plan review, and more.

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Speak with an immigration lawyer to determine if the SUV Bundle is right for you.

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What are my next steps?

Book an Initial Consultation with one of our immigration lawyers. This is a brief meeting to explore if the SUV program is right for you.

The Initial Consultation is followed by an Immigration Viability Assessment. Your immigration lawyer has two objectives in this session:

1) Learn about your business and immigration objectives.

2) Start crafting a strategy to develop the strongest possible application. 

Once a roadmap is agreed upon, your lawyer will continue working with you and deliver the legal services for your Start-Up Visa immigration.

Why choose Goodlawyer?

Canadian immigration can be complex, opaque, and unfamiliar.

We designed the Goodlawyer SUV Bundle to provide entrepreneurs with a reliable and trustworthy ally throughout the entire process.

Your lawyer will provide expert help and give you the best chance of success.

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