Terms of Service

What are Terms of Service?

If you have a website or an app, you need to clearly establish the legal relationship between your business and the people who use your website or app. Enter Terms of Service (sometimes referred to as “Terms of Use” or “Terms and Conditions”). These visitors don’t have to be customers. It is anyone that comes to your website or downloads your app, for any reason whatsoever.

This service is for business owners, organizations, or individuals that have a website or mobile app.

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What is the process?

  1. Book a call: Pick a time to discuss your Terms of Service with a Good Lawyer. They'll help you determine if you need a Basic or Complex agreement.

  2. Design your Agreement: You’ll have a call with your Good Lawyer to help them understand your business so they can draft Terms of Service that accurately reflect your business practices and meets your needs.

  3. Receive your Agreement: You will receive a copy of the Terms of Service, ready for use, ready for use.

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