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Complete your Annual Corporate Return with confidence.

Hire a lawyer to update your minute book and file your Annual Corporate Return with the government.

$360 (+ government fees + tax)

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The best way to file your Return

Getting your Annual Corporate Return on Goodlawyer means having a professional perform your annual minute book maintenance and file your return with the government — no matter how complex your corporation, or how active.

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Why book an Annual Corporate Return?

Because it's required in Canada.

Every corporation in Canada is legally required to file an Annual Corporate Return under the Canada Business Corporations Act (CBCA). Missing your deadline can result in the CBCA dissolving your corporation.

Done right the first time.

Filing a Return requires the maintenance of your corporation's minute books and the filing of your return with the government. Errors in these documents can result in expensive roadblocks.

What's covered in the service?

First, you'll have a kick-off call with your lawyer to discuss your corporation's status. After the call, your lawyer will collect the documents they need to complete the Return. They will share a copy of the final document prior to filing it on your behalf.

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Book an Annual Return

1. Any Corporation

Big or small, provincial or federal, for-profit or non-profit, a Good Lawyer can handle your minute books and return filing.

2. Fast Turnaround

Your Annual Corporate Return can be filed in as little as one week after the kickoff call with your lawyer.

3. The Same Thing Next Year

If you want your Good Lawyer to help again next year, it's extremely easy to rebook their service.

How do Annual Corporate Returns work?

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1. Book a kick-off call

Pick a time to discuss your Annual Corporate Return with a lawyer.

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2. Share your minute book

Your lawyer will request your minute book to complete the Return.

3. Receive your copy

You will receive a copy of the Return for your records.

Book an Annual Corporate Return

Get your paperwork done the easy way so you can get back to running your business.

Frequently asked questions

Will I be able to contact my lawyer after the kick-off call?

Yes, absolutely. You can use the Goodlawyer platform to send messages and files. If substantially more communication is needed, your lawyer may request another call.

Why do I have to file an Annual Corporate Return?

Your corporate return is legally required under the CBCA. This is not related to your corporate tax returns which are filed with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). The information you provide is publicly available in the Corporations Canada database. Staying on top of your annual return provides transparency with the public and lets them make more informed decisions about your company.

What if I need more than one Annual Corporate Return filed?

This service will only cover the minute book maintenance and corporate return filing for one corporation. If additional Annual Corporate Returns are needed, you can talk to your Good Lawyer. Sometimes it is more  efficient to produce multiple returns and a discount is possible, but that is situational and Goodlawyer can’t guarantee any kind of bulk discount.

What is the deadline for filing my return?

The period when you need to file your Annual Corporate Return is within the 60 days after your anniversary of incorporation. You do not have to file a corporate return in your first year of incorporation. If your corporation merged or amalgamated with another corporation, the amalgamation date will trigger your 60-day window.

Finally, if the corporation was continued (moved from one jurisdiction to another), the continuation date likewise marks the start of your 60-day window. You are not allowed to file your Annual Corporate Return early.

What if I missed Annual Corporate Return deadline?

Missing your deadline to file your corporate return is no laughing matter. The CBCA has an obligation to keep accurate public records of Canadian corporations, and Annual Corporate Returns are how the CBCA updates those records. If you do not file your corporate return for 2 consecutive years, the CBCA will change the status of your corporation from “active” to “dissolved”. This would have serious legal ramifications for your corporation and impair your ability to legally conduct business. Yikes!

My corporation has had minimal / no activity this year. Do I still need to file a Corporate Return?

Yes! Even inactive corporations need to file corporate tax returns. A corporation can only ever be truly terminated by formally dissolving it, and until that happens, it must have a Corporate Return filed every year.

Can I do my own minute book maintenance and corporate return filing?

It is possible to file your own Annual Corporate Returns and maintain your minute books yourself, however it can be a complicated process, especially if your corporation has had an active year. Lawyers are much faster and more effective at maintaining minute books and filing corporate returns, but more importantly they know exactly what mistakes to avoid and can lower your risk of having a costly error in your books, or on your filing.

Do I need a lawyer in my province?

Generally, no, you don’t need a local lawyer to file an Annual Corporate Return. The differences between the provinces are negligible and any corporate lawyer should be able to provide this service across Canada.

Are there any resources to help me improve my business?

Yes! We have an extensive library of small business resources ranging from templates, small business tips and tricks, business law, contract law and intellectual property. Check out our blog

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Goodlawyer connects clients with lawyers
Goodlawyer connects clients with lawyers
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