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Powerful Demand Letters for your business.

A well-written Demand Letter can ensure everything you ask for.

$360 + tax

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Make sure your demands are clear and on paper.

Demand Letters are carefully worded letters that request a specific action from a party. A Demand Letter clearly outlines what needs to be done, how, and when. They often contain the threat of future litigation if the recipient fails to comply with the sender.

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Why book a Demand Letter?

Your business has rights.

Don’t let other businesses or people push you around. A Demand Letter drafted by a Good Lawyer can provide fast, reliable results for your business.

Avoid the hassle of court.

Demand Letters are highly effective at keeping you out of court. This means you won’t have to spend more money on a lawsuit and you can keep focusing on what matters most — building your business.

Demand Letters can do far more than just requesting compensation.

A Good Lawyer can draft custom Demand Letters that are flexible, persuasive, and specific to your situation. This can protect your business, your relationships, and ensure a much higher likelihood of getting your desired results.

What's covered in a Demand Letter?

First you'll have a kick-off call with your Good Lawyer to discuss your current situation. After the call, your lawyer will carefully write the Letter. They will share a copy of the final document.

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Book a Demand Letter

1. Project kick-off call to gather information, advise you and answer questions

2. One custom Demand Letter

3. One round of minor revisions if necessary

How does a Demand Letter work?

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1. Book a kick-off call

Pick a time to discuss your Demand Letter with a Good Lawyer.

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2. Design your Letter

Help your lawyer understand the situation and the goals of your letter. Your lawyer will determine what wording you need in your Demand Letter and draft something tailored to you.

3. Revise the Agreement

You will receive a digital copy of the Demand Letter, ready to be printed and mailed. Your lawyer can send the letter on your behalf if desired, discuss this option with your lawyer.

Book a Demand Letter

Get your paperwork done the easy way so you can get back to running your business.

Frequently asked questions

What compensation should I ask for?

Every situation is unique and there is no standard set of demands for Demand Letters. During your kick-off call with your Good Lawyer, you’ll get professional advice on what you should ask for based on your case. Lawyers have experience with making reasonable demands that are more likely to succeed. You don’t want to get short changed, but you also don’t want to ask for too much and get left with nothing. 

Do I need to physically mail the letter?

Yes, this is essential to the Demand Letter process. The letter must be sent through Certified Mail to ensure you receive notification that it has arrived at its destination. Otherwise, the receiver can simply pretend they never received your letter. You can do this yourself, or your lawyer can do it for you if you prefer. A Demand Letter sent by a lawyer and printed on their stationery is usually more effective than one sent by a civilian. Discuss this option with your lawyer as it will have some small additional costs depending on the urgency and recipient’s location.

When should I use a Demand Letter?

The most common reason to send a Demand Letter is to collect money that is owed. They are also commonly used when a certain action like a service or defined scope of work was promised but not completed. In general, Demand Letters are used as a final attempt to collect any outstanding debts (whether they are financial or otherwise) before taking stronger legal action like taking the other party to court.

Why not use a free template found on the internet?

Demand Letters are specific to each business relationship and the deal in question. Sending a well-written Demand Letter that has specific language pertaining to your case will often yield better results than a generic letter of little consequence. Further, if your case does end up in court, it is almost guaranteed that your Demand Letter will be examined. Having a well-written and specific Letter printed on a lawyer’s stationery could sway the courts in your favour.

What if I need more than one Demand Letter?

This service will only cover the creation of one Demand Letter. If additional Demand Letters are needed, you can talk to your Lawyer about drafting multiple Letters. Sometimes it is more efficient to produce multiple letters and a discount is possible, but that is situational and Goodlawyer can’t guarantee any kind of bulk discount. 

What file format will the Demand Letter be in?

Demand Letters are generally delivered as a PDF so that they can be easily shared, printed, and mailed. They can also be delivered as a Word document. If that’s something you’re interested in, make sure you mention it to your lawyer.

Do I need a lawyer in my province?

Generally, no, you don’t need a local lawyer to draft a Demand Letter. If you book an out-of-province lawyer that determines you need someone with local expertise, Goodlawyer can set you up with a local lawyer ready to help.

Are there any resources to help me improve my business?

Yes! We have an extensive library of small business resources ranging from templates, small business tips and tricks, business law, contract law and intellectual property. Check out our blog!

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Goodlawyer connects clients with lawyers
Goodlawyer connects clients with lawyers
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