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Agreements for your all your contractors.

Take control of your critical contractor relationships with a custom drafted Independent Contractor Agreement.

$480 (+ tax)

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Legal protection for you and your contractors.

Independent Contractor Agreements define the terms between a business and an external contractor. Sometimes referred to as Service Agreements, they are essential for a successful relationship with a contractor.

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Why get an Independent Contractor Agreement?

1. Make it official.

Drafted custom for your situation, formalize all the nuances of your unique business relationships in writing. No more he said she said — a properly drafted Agreement protects both parties.

2. Secure your future.

Mitigate unforeseen changes by setting expectations upfront and clearly stating the consequences for breaching the Agreement.

3. Fast. Simple. Effective.

Good Lawyers are experts in contract law and they want to help your business grow. You can be confident that they will design Agreements that will support your goals.

What's covered in an Independent Contractor Agreement?

First, have a kick-off call with your lawyer to discuss your business and your contractor relationship. After the call, your lawyer will draft and send you the completed document.

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Your Independent Contractor Agreement

1. Define the relationship

Clearly state what each party is committing to and establish what the consequences will be if someone doesn't meet their terms.

2. Separate contractors from employees

Treating contractors as employees (and vice versa) can bring legal problems down the road. It's imperative that your Agreement follows the letter of the law.

3. Tailored to your business

Get a contract that's legally valid and serves your business goals. Avoid the risks of using a generic contract that leaves you exposed.

How do Independent Contractor Agreements work?

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1. Book a kick-off call

Pick a time to discuss your Agreement with a lawyer.

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2. Design your agreement

Learn exactly what you need, and get it drafted by a professional.

3. Receive your agreement

Get a digital copy ready to be shared and signed.

Get an Independent Contractor Agreement

Take control of your business relationships with a rock solid, fully customized contract.

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Goodlawyer connects clients with lawyers
Goodlawyer connects clients with lawyers
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