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Prevent lawsuits with strong Liability Waivers.

Protect your business from accidents with a custom Waiver written just for you.

$360 for Basic — $720 for Complex

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Stop stressing over liability.

Liability Waivers, also known as Release of Liability, exempts one party from legal action. The waiver outlines all risks involved in an activity, event or the use of a product and participants sign and participate at their own risk.

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Why book a Liability Waiver?

Avoid litigation.

By simply having a waiver of any kind, your business is less likely to be sued for negligence. But having a customized Waiver drafted by a professional will reduce the chances to basically 0.

Cover all your bases.

Having a Liability Waiver that’s well-tailored to your business and your geographic and industry-specific regulations is the only way to ensure full coverage. Templates don’t cover the nuances of your business or your risks.

Appear professional.

Waivers are standard in many industries and not having a credible Waiver can make your business seem less prepared, and even less interested, in dealing with safety-related issues.

What's covered in a Liability Waiver?

First, you'll have a kick-off call with your Good Lawyer to discuss the current status of corporation. Your lawyer will then advise you on whether you need a Basic or Complex Waiver. Learn more about the differences on the Info Sheet below.

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Book an Liability Waiver

1. Project kick-off call to gather information, advise you and answer questions.

2. One customized Liability Waiver.

3. One round of minor revisions if necessary.

How do Liability Waivers work?

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1. Book a kick-off call

Pick a time to kick-off the project and discuss your Liability Waiver with a Good Lawyer.

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2. Design your Waiver.

Help your lawyer understand the situation and how the Waiver will be used.

3. Receive your Waiver.

You will receive a copy of the Liability Waiver, ready to be printed and signed.

Book a Liability Waiver

Get your paperwork done the easy way so you can get back to running your business.

Frequently asked questions

Will I be able to communicate with my lawyer after the kickoff call?

Yes, absolutely. You can use the Goodlawyer platform to send messages and files. If substantially more communication is needed, your lawyer may request another call.

What's the difference between a Basic and Complex Liability Waiver?

A Basic Waiver is suitable for companies facilitating low to medium liability risk activities in a single Canadian province. It includes:

  • Business activity risk assessment
  • Simple customization around specific risks/activities
  • Inclusion of public health emergency provisions
  • Paper-based waiver
  • Simple indemnification provisions
  • Basic image rights release

A Complex Waiver is suitable for companies facilitating medium to high liability risk activities, or operating in multiple provinces. It may include:

  • High customization for specific risks/activities
  • Consideration of industry or activity-specific laws
  • Electronic/website-based waiver execution
  • Services/activities that are offered to minors
  • Comprehensive indemnification provisions

Learn more about the differences by accessing the Liability Waiver Info sheet above.

Do I really need a liability waiver?

If your business deals with 100+ participants per year, it is highly recommended that you use Liability Waivers. The chance of having a serious accident with that number of participants is quite high and the cost of a Waiver is relatively low. In addition to having a valid Liability Waiver, it is recommended that your business holds (at a minimum) General Liability Insurance.

What if I need more than one Liability Waiver?

This service will only cover the creation of one Liability Waiver. If additional Liability Waivers are needed, you can talk to your Good Lawyer. Sometimes it is more efficient to produce multiple Waivers at a discount, but that is situational and Goodlawyer can’t guarantee any kind of bulk discount. 

How long should I keep the liability waiver?

The most perfect Liability Waiver ever drafted is perfectly useless if you can’t find it when someone sues you. There is no set law mandating you keep signed waivers for a minimum period of time, but general practice is to keep your signed waivers safely filed forever. It might seem like you’d be safe to discard your waivers at the conclusion of the event or activity, but injuries are often not reported when they occur and sometimes the severity of an injury is not realized until months or even years later. 

Where should I keep signed Waivers?

Depending on how many waivers you have, a good ol’ fashioned filing system should do just fine. If you’re dealing with a high volume of Waivers you should consider periodically scanning and digitally filing your Waivers. Always back up and secure your files, because like we explained above, you’re keeping these forever.

Can I still get sued with a Liability Waiver in place?

Unfortunately, yes. There are certain rights that cannot be waived away, like human rights. A participant who signs a Waiver can still sue you for damages as a result of racial discrimination, sexual harassment, or other such violations. Courts would also look at things like if the signee fully understood the Waiver before they signed it, if it appears one party was taken advantage of, if the Waiver is too general and therefore ineffective, and if the Waiver seeks to release your duty to act with a reasonable amount of care.

Is a Release Agreement the same as a Liability Waiver?

No. A Liability Waiver is signed before an activity or event and one party waives their right to pursue legal action in the case of damages. There is no compensation involved with Liability Agreements, whereas Release Agreements are generally used after an incident and involve compensation for the damaged party. If you think you might need a Release Agreement instead, your good lawyer will be able to help you. Learn more about Release Agreements on Goodlawyer.

Is a Liability Waiver the same as an Indemnity Agreement?

No. While they appear similar in concept, they are not the same document at all. A Liability Waiver has one party give up their rights to pursue legal action against the other party, whereas an Indemnity Agreement gives one party protection against legal action.

For example, if you are hosting a party in a farmer’s barn, the farmer might want an Indemnity Agreement where their liability is transferred to you in the case that someone gets injured or tries to pursue legal action against the farmer. Your lawyer will be able to identify and draft whichever type of Agreement you need.

What file format will the Liability Waiver be in?

Liability Waiver are generally delivered as a PDF so that they can be easily shared, printed, and signed. They can also be delivered as a Word document. If that’s something you’re interested in, make sure you mention it to your lawyer.

Why not use a free template found on the internet?

One of the most critical features of a Liability Waiver is the use of plain language to explain specific hazards inherent in the activity. Templated waivers often rely on legalese and describe hazards generally, making them potentially invalid if they are challenged in court. It is essential that your Waiver be relevant to the activity at hand, and that it is understood by the participant before they sign it.

Do I need a lawyer in my province?

Generally, no, you don’t need a local lawyer to draft a Liability Waiver. If you are looking for an employment-related Liability Waiver, it might be best to talk to a lawyer in your province. If you book an out-of-province lawyer that determines you need someone with local expertise, Goodlawyer can set you up with a local lawyer ready to help.

Are there any resources to help me improve my business?

Yes! We have an extensive library of small business resources ranging from templates, small business tips and tricks, business law, contract law and intellectual property. Check out our blog!

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Goodlawyer connects clients with lawyers
Goodlawyer connects clients with lawyers
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