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Goodlawyer connects clients with lawyers

Compensate your employees with a Stock Options Plan.

Get them set up the fast and easy way, with a Good Lawyer to draft the agreement on your behalf.

$720 (+ tax)

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The modern way to compensate and motivate your team.

Stock Options Plans give employees the option to purchase shares at a set price, allowing them to profit from future increases in stock price. A good Plan will encourage retention and align employee goals with company goals.

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Why book a Stock Options Plan?

Reduce your risk.

Compensating employees with both salary and stock options can improve your cashflow when the business is going through a downturn and retain top performers when times are good.

Motivate your managers.

Employees that are compensated with stock options are more likely to act in ways that will increase the company's stock price.

Attract top talent.

Stock options are popular in startups and fast-growing companies because they allow organizations to provide competitive compensation without shelling out cash right away.

What's covered in a Stock Option Plan?

Discuss your business goals with your lawyer and they will craft a Stock Option Plan that will help you reach them. This includes the establishment of key terms like vesting periods and expiration dates.

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Your Stock Options Plan

1. Establish prices

Set the "strike price" that employees will be able to purchase the shares at once they are granted. Generally, this is fair market value at the time of issue.

2. Develop the timeline

Make it clear when the options will be granted, when they can be exercised, and when they expire.

3. Make it valid

Ensure that your Stock Options Plan aligns with your other corporate records, including corporate bylaws and your minute book.

How do Stock Options Plans work?

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1. Book a call

Pick a time to discuss your Stock Options Plan with your lawyer.

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2. Design your plan

Tell your lawyer which situations you need the Plan for. They will need to see your corporate records.

3. Receive your plan

You will receive a copy of the Stock Options Plan, ready for use.

Get a Stock Options Plan

Attract top talent, preserve your cash flow, and align employee goals with company goals by compensating them with stock options. Book a professional to draft your Stock Options Plan on Goodlawyer!

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Goodlawyer connects clients with lawyers
Goodlawyer connects clients with lawyers
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