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Goodlawyer connects clients with lawyers

Limit liability with a tailored Terms of Service

Work directly with a tech savvy lawyer to develop a customized Terms of Service for your website or app.

Starting at $780 (+ tax)

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Establish the rules for your users

Terms of Service, sometimes called Terms & Conditions, are legally binding and establish how your website or app is to be used. They limit the liability of your business and state what actions you can take if there's a violation.

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Why you need Terms of Service:

Define your rules.

Without proper Terms, users are unregulated and may leave you liable for damages. Outline rules for users that give you the power to act in the best interest of your business if there's a violation.

Protect your intellectual property.

Avoid copycats by establishing ownership of the content (i.e. logos, images, copy, videos, etc.) and the design of the website or app.

Meet partnership requirements.

To limit their own liability, some companies (including Facebook) require functional Terms agreements to be in place before they will work with your business.

What's covered in a Terms of Service?

You'll have a kick-off call with a lawyer to discuss how your business operates, its rules for users, and any other information pertinent to your Terms of Service. After the call, your lawyer will draft and deliver you customized Terms of Service.

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Your Terms of Service

1. Payments

Describe how payments work and the consequences for failed or fraudulent payments attempted through the platform.

2. Own your IP

Make sure that all the intellectual property on your site belongs to you. Terms clearly set out when copycats are infringing.

3. Acceptable Use

Take control of your business by defining how your services should be used and the possible consequences for breaching the Terms.

4. Limit Your Liability

Establish what will happen if your business fails to fulfill its promises and set a maximum limit for any necessary payouts.

How do Terms of Service work?

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1. Book your kick-off call

Pick a time to discuss your specific Terms of Service with a lawyer.

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2. Build your Terms of Service

Work with a lawyer to draft the Terms of Service for your website or app.

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3. Receive your Terms

Receive a digital copy of the Terms, ready to use on your website.

Book a Terms of Service

The easiest way to take control of your website and protect your business.

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Goodlawyer connects clients with lawyers
Goodlawyer connects clients with lawyers
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