Business Law Master Class

Become a smarter business owner in less than 20 minutes — for free.

5 short videos to tune your legal spidey sense

These five fun videos introduce you to the legal basics every business owner should know. Whether you're a new entrepreneur or a veteran, you'll gain the knowledge you need to avoid costly legal blunders.

Lesson 1:
Business Law

Before getting too deep into the juicy details, this lesson makes one thing clear: having clear business goals from the outset helps keep the law on your side.

Lesson 2:
Bad Contracts

Don't bet your business on flimsy contracts and handshake deals. Learn how to be a contract pro and ensure all of your deals are rock solid.

Lesson 3:
IP 101

Intellectual property is key for businesses built on brand and product. Learn how to protect your assets and maximize the value of your company.

Lesson 4:
Hiring People

There are important distinctions between employees and contractors and getting it wrong can have serious impacts on your business.

Lesson 5:
Three Rules for Legal Domination

With the tips from this episode you'll never be scared to tackle your legal problems again.

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