How it Works

Bringing legal work into the 21st century.

Goodlawyer gives businesses of all sizes, from emerging startups to high-growth enterprises, direct access to top legal talent without the pains of a big firm.

How fractional counsel works

Fractional General Counsel (FGC) is for businesses that need ongoing, embedded legal support.


Meet the talent

We recruit top lawyers with big law and in-house experience to find you the perfect fit.


Define the role

Collaborate with your Fractional GC and determine the scope of your engagement.


Kick things off

Our team will help your FGC get integrated with your business to ensure success.

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How the marketplace works

Fixed-fee & Custom Services are for one-off legal projects with a clear cut scope and price.


Find a Goodlawyer

Get started on the platform and book directly into your chosen lawyer’s calendar.


Assess your needs

Have a free Initial Consultation to ensure it’s a good match and scope your legal needs.


Kick things off

Receive an upfront quote to book when you’re ready to get the legal work underway.

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How we ensure quality

We developed a Quality Management System to ensure our high standards are met and maintained as we grow and evolve Goodlawyer.

Vetting & Recruitment

Only top talent is added to our network by recruiting and thoroughly vetting applicants. Lawyers are onboarded 1-on-1 and have regular check-ins with our team.

Client-Talent Matching

Connecting you with the right lawyer is key. We factor their technical and industry expertise as well as your budget, location, deadline, and preferences.

Feedback & Improvement

The Goodlawyer team is continuously striving to improve. We rigorously gather and analyze feedback and use this data to make informed changes and upgrades. 

Lawyer Code of Conduct

Goodlawyer has high expectations and a detailed Code of Conduct that lawyers must uphold and embody to maintain their membership in the network.

Service Delivery & Support

We provide high-quality support throughout all engagements. Our dedication to your experience is a factor that distinguishes us from most law firms.

Incident Response

We take bad experiences seriously and work proactively to mitigate issues. If an issue does occur, we ensure that a fair and equitable solution is found.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Goodlawyer is a law company and our network of lawyers consists of solos and small boutique firms with independently run practices. We are not a law firm, do not provide any legal services, legal advice or “lawyer referral services” and do not provide or participate in any legal representation.

Goodlawyer has a competitive selection process that follows 5 steps.

  1. Online Application

    Submit an online application to indicate your interest in joining Goodlawyer. We also collect information about a lawyer’s practice experience, employment history and education, and other indicators that make lawyers successful on our platform.

  2. Initial Interview

    We conduct an initial interview with a member of our Lawyer Experience Team to assess the lawyer’s interpersonal characteristics like professionalism and friendliness, as well as their motivations for joining the Goodlawyer network.

  3. Deep-Dive Interview

    Lawyers then meet with our Head of Legal Talent and/or Lawyer-in-Residence to assess the lawyer’s skill and approach to practice. We look for technical knowledge and compatibility with Goodlawyer’s fundamental values: (i) professionalism (ii) quality (iii) fairness and transparency, and (iv) elevated customer experience.

  4. Reference Checks

    Lawyers are asked to provide some recent client and/or peer references.

  5. Code of Conduct

    Lawyers must read and accept Goodlawyer's Code of Conduct before being allowed to take clients over the platform.

  6. Continuous Monitoring

    We continuously monitor, collect, and review client feedback, removing any lawyers that fail to maintain our practice standards and expectations.

From our standardized fixed-fee startup services, to custom projects, to fully integrated Fractional General Counsel, Goodlawyer’s network of experts can cover all aspects of business law. We exclusively onboard lawyers with experience working in Corporate, Commercial and Business Law, Commercial Transactions, Technology Contracting, Debt and Equity Financing, M&A, Intellectual Property, Employment, Privacy, Regulatory, Corporate Tax, Commercial Litigation, Business Immigration, and more.

We do NOT provide legal services around personal issues like Criminal Law, Personal Injury, Family or Divorce Law, Elder Law, etc.

Most engagements on Goodlawyer start by meeting a member of our Legal Concierge™ team. The Legal Concierge™ can help you identify the right product, provide tailored recommendations for lawyers in our network, help you navigate the platform, and provide on-demand support to you and your lawyer throughout your legal projects. Note that the Legal Concierge™ team are not lawyers and do not provide legal services or advice.

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Goodlawyer is available across Canada. With over 120 specialized lawyers from coast to coast, we can help Canadian businesses just about anywhere. Coverage in the Territories however is limited, please speak with our Legal Concierge™ team.

If you’re a lawyer in the Territories, learn more about joining Goodlawyer and expanding your practice.

No, not for most business legal services. We have lawyers in most major cities across Canada, so if you require something specific to your location, we can help you book a local lawyer.

For project-based services, the standard billing cadence is for your lawyer to bill your payment method on file upon delivery of the first complete draft. You will have 30 days to request minor revisions (less than 30 minutes of lawyer time). If you require other arrangements, please discuss them with your lawyer.

Yes. Goodlawyer encrypts all data in transit and at rest and runs automatic backups on redundant servers. We also conduct regular third-party security penetration tests and run daily malware scans to ensure our platform is safe.

Additionally, Goodlawyer and our employees follow strict confidentiality and privacy guidelines and take the utmost care to protect any information that is shared with us by our customers.

Read Goodlawyer’s Policies to learn more.

Of course — that’s the beauty of Goodlawyer. Expecting a single lawyer to be competent in all areas of law is simply unrealistic. Like engineers and doctors, lawyers can be highly specialized in a certain area of law and extremely inexperienced in another. But on Goodlawyer, you never have to worry about that. With our growing network of top talent, we can all but guarantee that we will be able to find the right specialist for any of your business legal needs.

It’s simple — technology. By creating a platform that gives lawyers and clients tools to connect and work together more efficiently, we reduce the overall cost of a service. Traditionally, lawyers use the billable hour model to recoup all the costs of their non-legal work — things like marketing, client intake, business administration and accounting. By off-loading some of that "non-billable” work to us, they can spend more time doing the legal work that pays — and charge less for it.

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