Your First Goodlawyer Journey

Step 1: Find Your Lawyer

Start by signing up and booking a free initial consultation (up to 30 min.) with your chosen lawyer to ensure it's a good match.

Step 2: Legal Strategy Session

Up to 60 min. to dive into your legal issue(s) and build rapport with your lawyer. Define scope, set expectations and delivery date.

Step 3: Quote and Kick-off

Receive an upfront quote from your lawyer so you know the exact cost. Confirm the quote and your lawyer will get to work.

Step 4: The Legal Work

Throughout your project you can message or book calls with your lawyer for progress updates, collaboration and clarifications.

Step 5: Finish Line

You don't pay until the legal work is done, and we'll follow-up to ensure your satisfaction. Minor revisions included within 30 days.

Recent Goodlawyer Legal Projects

Goodlawyer has the professionals to get you from Minimum Viable Product to Series-B, covering everything in between. You'll likely encounter the following legal needs:

  1. Corporate restructuring for a cleantech startup.

  2. Corporate restructuring for a healthtech startup.

  3. Incorporation and organizational bundle for a construction technology SaaS startup.

  1. Drafted and executed US trademark and patent applications for a cleantech startup.

  2. Prepared an investment grade intellectual property strategy for an IT startup.

  3. Managed the Canadian trademark portfolio for an AI/ML startup.

  1. Prepared a contract management program for a global facilities management company.

  2. Delivered website terms of use and PIPEDA compliant privacy policy for a foodtech startup.

  3. Developed a FINTRAC-standard compliance program for a payments fintech startup.

  1. Reviewed and modified employment contracts and workplace policies for a fintech scaleup.

  2. Helped key employees immigrate to Canada using startup VISA programs for an employee management SaaS startup.

  3. Developed an Employee Stock Option plan and agreements for a real estate technology startup.

  1. $5.6M Series A Financing for an AI / ML startup.

  2. $2M Series Seed Financing for a fintech startup.

  3. Equity Pre-Seed Financing for a healthtech startup.

  1. Fractional Corporate Counsel for a venture capital fund.

  2. Fractional Intellectual Property Counsel for accelerator / incubator.

  3. Fractional Corporate Counsel for an energy services company.

Get started for free.

Get started with a free legal consultation or book a call with your own Legal Concierge™ who can help guide you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Goodlawyer Users typically have one go-to lawyer, but they are free to engage different lawyers for different mandates so long as the scope of work is clearly defined and does not overlap an Active file. We do not permit Users to hire multiple lawyers to work independently on the same mandate.

If your legal needs require multiple lawyers, please book a meeting with our Legal Concierge™ team.

Our lawyer network consists of specialized solo practitioners, in-house counsel, boutique firm lawyers, and forward-thinking law firms across Canada. They are thoroughly vetted using our 5-step process:

  1. Online Application

    Our online application collects information about a lawyer’s practice experience, employment history and education, and other indicators that make lawyers successful on our platform.

  2. Initial Interview

    We conduct an initial interview with a member of our Lawyer Experience Team to assess the lawyer’s interpersonal characteristics like professionalism and friendliness, as well as their motivations for joining the Goodlawyer network.

  3. Deep-Dive Interview

    Lawyers then meet with our Head of Lawyer Experience and/or Lawyer-in-Residence to assess the lawyer’s skill and approach to practice. We look for technical knowledge and compatibility with Goodlawyer’s fundamental values: (i) professionalism (ii) quality (iii) fairness and transparency, and (iv) elevated customer experience.

  4. Reference Checks

    Lawyers are asked to provide some recent client and/or peer references.

  5. Continuous Monitoring

    We continuously monitor, collect, and review client feedback, removing any lawyers that fail to maintain our practice standards and expectations.

Yes, of course! It’s important that your team trust the Good Lawyer that you hire. You are welcome to have multiple co-founders on your phone or video calls, but it’s extremely important to clearly delineate an owner amongst your team and to be conscious of your time. Ambiguity and too many cooks in the kitchen will slow your lawyer down.

Goodlawyer Pro is for founders who have more complex or recurring legal needs. You get free, unlimited Advice Sessions so you can check in with your lawyer(s) whenever you need, discounts on Legal Strategy Sessions and Goodlawyer service fees for larger projects, and more.

Learn more about Goodlawyer Pro.

Not always. Regulations for employment law and corporate law vary from province to province, so a local lawyer is recommended for questions relating to these areas. Other legal needs, like commercial contracts, immigration, and intellectual property are federally regulated and you can work with a lawyer from anywhere in Canada. Regardless of your needs, if you want a local lawyer, you can have one on Goodlawyer.

Calls with lawyers on Goodlawyer can be cancelled or rescheduled up 2 hours before the scheduled call time. Contract Reviews can be cancelled or rescheduled up to 48 hours before. Customers who fail to cancel or re-schedule a call may have their Goodlawyer account suspended.

Yes! We take the utmost care with your confidential information and we never ever sell our users’ data or divulge their private information. The only people who will know the details of your confidential information are the lawyers and internal Goodlawyer team members that you work with.

Learn more about Goodlawyer’s Policies.