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Corporate lawyers can help you with structuring and maintaining your corporation, buying or selling a business, managing corporate governance, or raising money through rounds of financing. This kind of legal support is essential to your business success and a good corporate lawyer will help your company grow and flourish. Here are some examples of services corporate lawyers can help you with:

  • Incorporation and Annual Maintenance

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Shareholder Agreement

  • Stock Options Plans

  • Partnership Agreement

Commercial lawyers are an invaluable asset for scaling businesses that have ongoing contracts and negotiations. When your corporation does business with vendors, customers, and other stakeholders, commercial lawyers can address your liabilities, improve negotiations, optimize sales processes, and holistically improve your deals. Some of the most common services our commercial lawyers offer:

  • Master Service Agreement

  • Liability Waiver

  • Contract Review

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement

Intellectual property (IP) lawyers are a critical resource for any business that leverages IP. They can help you develop strategies for managing valuable assets, file trademarks to protect your brand, apply for patents on inventions and formulas, register copyrights on creative works, and draft industrial design patents for products. Our intellectual property lawyers commonly complete these services for business clients:

  • Trademark

  • Patent

  • Copyright

  • Industrial Design

  • IP Strategy Roadmapping

  • IP Assignment Agreement

The legally required frameworks for protecting personal data are rapidly evolving and can be difficult to interpret. Proactively working with a lawyer who specializes in online security, privacy, or data management is essential for maintaining compliance and minimizing risks to your business and your customers. A privacy lawyer can help you with any of these commonly requested projects:

  • Website Privacy Policy

  • Website Terms of Service

  • Data and Security Strategy

  • Non-Disclosure Agreements

  • Regulatory Compliance Reviews

For entrepreneurs trying to get themselves, their business, and foreign national employees established in Canada, the permanent residency, visa and work permit systems can be extremely complicated. A skilled business immigration lawyer can guide you through the process and help you achieve your business’ goals in Canada. These are some of the most common services requested of our business immigration lawyers:

  • Immigration Viability Assessment

  • Startup Visa Bundle

  • Work Permit Application

  • eTA/TRV Application(s)

  • Port of Entry Package

The Canadian Tax Act lays out the laws and regulations that define the taxation system, both for individuals and organizations. Business tax lawyers understand how to navigate this system and can help structure your business in a way that saves money. They also assist with unfiled returns, audits, and other Canada Revenue Agency issues. Some of the most common services requested of business tax lawyers includes:

  • Section 85 / Corporate Rollover

  • Notices of Objection

  • Purification Transaction

  • Voluntary Disclosure

  • Tax Planning and Strategy

Our lawyers can help employers navigate the complex laws that govern the relationships between employers and employees to ensure the health, safety, and wellbeing of the workforce. An employment lawyer can help your business navigate these complex regulations, ensure contractual compliance with employment standards, and provide representation in labour-related disputes. Here are some of the types of projects an employment lawyer can assist with:

  • Employment Agreement

  • Workplace and Employment Policies

  • Independent Contractor Agreement

  • Termination Letter and Package

Please note that Goodlawyer currently only accepts employer (business) side matters and cannot help individuals with their employee side legal issues.

Startup law is a subsection of business law that focuses on new businesses. From corporate structuring and growing your team, all the way to raising venture funding, startup lawyers understand the lifecycle of a startup as well as the laws, accelerator programs, tax breaks, and grant opportunities that are most relevant and helpful. Startup lawyers are able to complete any of these commonly requested services:

  • Startup Incorporation Bundle

  • IP Assignment Agreement

  • Founder Shareholder Agreement

  • IP Strategy Roadmapping

  • Debt & Equity Financing

Technology lawyers have specialized experience working with innovative companies and know the legal nuances of operating in IT, software, AI & ML, fintech, cleantech, NFTs, crypto, and blockchain. They can help with your corporate strategy, drafting and contract negotiation, and regulatory compliance for emerging technologies. Our tech lawyers are able to provide legal insight within their industry speciality and they commonly provide:

  • Regulatory Compliance Advising and Review

  • Privacy and Data Security Policies

  • IP Strategy Roadmapping

Non-profit organizations face many of the same legal challenges as for-profits, but in some areas like tax, the law is even more complex for non-profits. Non-profit lawyers can help you with your governance and structure, charity status, asset management, and legal compliance so you can focus on your organization’s mission. Examples of services that our non-profit lawyers commonly complete:

  • Charitable Status Application and Maintenance

  • Formation and Structuring

  • Tax Exempt Status

  • Fundraising Compliance and Advising

  • Volunteering Waivers

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