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Goodlawyer connects clients with lawyers

Protect your business with a well-written Service Agreement.

Get a customized Service Agreement drafted by a business lawyer who understands your needs.

$480 (+ tax)

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Clearly establish your working relationship.

Service Agreements are legal contracts that define the terms between a service provider and a customer. They outline what work is being done, who is doing it, how the work is compensated, contingency plans, and all other details of the relationship.

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Why book a Service Agreement?

Built custom for your situation.

Service Agreements are almost always as unique as each business relationship. Generic Service Agreements usually don't cut it.

Future-proof your service relationship.

Protect your business from unexpected changes by getting your deal and the consequences of breaking that deal in writing.

Fast. Effective.

Good Lawyers are experts in contract law, but they also strive to support your goals and help your business grow.

What's covered in a Service Agreement?

Schedule a call with the Good Lawyer of your choice and let them know what you're looking for. After that, they'll start drafting your Agreement, communicating directly with you to make sure it gets done the way you want it.

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Your Service Agreement

1. Set the scope of work

A good Service Agreement will clearly outline what work is being performed, by who, at what quality, and in what timeframe.

2. Talk dollars and cents

Avoid disagreements and cost overruns by detailing how much will be paid, when, to whom, and on what conditions.

3. Keep it flexible

Include the conditions and methods for amending your agreement. Prevent your deal from falling apart if the situation changes.

4. Follow the law

Illegal provisions might void your Agreement. A lawyer can ensure your deal complies with geographic and industry-specific laws.

How do Service Agreements work?

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1. Book a call

Pick a time to discuss your Service Agreement with a Good Lawyer.

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2. Design your Agreement

Tell your lawyer what you need in the Service Agreement.

3. Receive your Agreement

Get a digital copy of your Agreement, ready to be shared and signed.

Book a Service Agreement

Protect your business with a Service Agreement that's tailored just for you, by a lawyer who cares about helping you succeed.

Frequently asked questions

What if I need more than one Service Agreement?

If the agreement is intended to cover various types of services and used repeatedly, you’d be better suited getting a Master Services Agreement with a Statement of Work template document. Any time new work is requested, the parties to the agreement will issue a Statement of Work setting out the specific work to be completed. This would have additional costs, but is generally a better strategy for businesses who regularly hire contractors. Your lawyer will let you know if a Master Services Agreement is better for your situation.

Can I use my Service Agreement to hire employees?

No. Service Agreements are used to hire a service provider or contractor for a set period of time and/or scope of work. Even though they might seem the same on the surface, the law treats contractors and employees very differently. If you aren’t sure, your lawyer will be able to clearly identify and draft whichever agreement you need.

What’s the difference between an Independent Contractor Agreement and a Service Agreement?

An Independent Contractor Agreement is used for an indefinite relationship between a client and a contractor, whereas a Service Agreement is used for a set scope of work or a defined period of time. While they are similar, they have subtle differences and it’s important to use the correct agreement for your situation. Your lawyer will be able to determine what you need and draft either agreement for you.

Can I just use a template I found on the internet?

Service Agreements govern very specific relationships between very specific parties and online templates rarely hold up when they’re tested. Some common issues are contracts that are written in America, contracts that were drafted years ago, and contracts specific to a certain industry. Your business is unique and finding a template that perfectly aligns with your needs is next to impossible.

Do I need a lawyer in my province?

Generally, no, you don’t need a local lawyer to draft a Services Agreement. Service Agreements can typically be used across the whole country. If your business has some nuance that requires local expertise, they will let you know and Goodlawyer can set you up with another lawyer who can help.

What file format will the Service Agreement be in?

Service Agreements are generally delivered as a PDF so that they can be easily shared, printed, and signed.

They can also be delivered as a Word document. If that’s something you’re interested in, make sure you mention it to your lawyer.

Will I be able to communicate with my lawyer after the kickoff call?

Yes, absolutely. You can use the Goodlawyer platform to send messages and files. If substantially more communication is needed, your lawyer may request another call.

Are there any resources to help me improve my business?

Yes! We have an extensive library of small business resources ranging from templates, small business tips and tricks, business law, contract law and intellectual property. Check out our blog!

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Goodlawyer connects clients with lawyers
Goodlawyer connects clients with lawyers
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