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Goodlawyer connects clients with lawyers

Secure your future with a Shareholders' Agreement.

This is your business. Define the rights and obligations of your co-founders and investors from the start.

Starting at $1,200 (+ tax)

A group of shareholders

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Build the foundation of your business.

Getting a custom-built Shareholders' Agreement means clearly outlining who gets to make decisions and ultimately run the business. Make sure you get it right.

Happy business owners with a shareholders' agreement.

Shareholders' Agreements are critical for startups.

Your business is going to grow.

Enable your corporation to easily and fairly adjust the ownerships structure so it can grow and adapt without you giving up control.

Minimize conflict between shareholders.

Ensure that shareholders know the rules for owning a piece of your company, like how to buy, sell, and calculate the value of shares.

Grow without compromising.

Establish an ownership structure that works for your goals while still presenting an attractive option to outside investors.

What's covered in a Shareholders' Agreement?

You'll have a kick-off call so your lawyer can learn about your goals and the key clauses to include in your agreement. After the call, your lawyer will draft and deliver your custom Shareholders' Agreement and explain how it works.

Picture of a business owner booking a shareholders agreement.

Your Shareholders' Agreement

1. Capitalization table

Your cap table defines who owns the company and how much. It lives with your minute book and gives context for the Agreement.

2. Custom clauses

Claim First Refusal, Piggyback or Drag-along Rights, Shotgun Clauses, and more. A lawyer can help you figure out what you need.

3. Protection against the unknown

Prevent catastrophe by clearly identifying what happens when a shareholder dies, gets divorced, becomes disabled, or disappears.

4. Evaluate your shares

Outline the formula that calculates the value of the company. This is important for when you raise money and issue options.

How do Shareholders' Agreements work?

A lady booking a call with a lawyer

1. Book your kick-off call

Pick a lawyer to discuss your goals and business needs.

A business owner discussing their agreement over the phone

2. Build your agreement

Work with your lawyer to draft the perfect agreement for you.

A lawyer drafting a shareholders' agreement for a client

3. Receive the agreement

Receive a digital copy ready to be printed and signed.

Get a Shareholders' Agreement

The easiest way to get an agreement you can rely on.

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Goodlawyer connects clients with lawyers
Goodlawyer connects clients with lawyers
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