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We want to empower clients and lawyers to work together in a way that’s better for everyone. Great service. Affordable fees. And progressive technology.
That’s what we care about at Goodlawyer.

Our story

Goodlawyer was co-founded by two lawyers, Brett Colvin and Steve Bodi. Even early on in their legal careers, Brett and Steve couldn’t help but notice that the existing approach to finding lawyers (and finding clients) was counter intuitive. How could there be too much supply yet an overabundance of demand?
The two decided to create a solution and help clients and lawyers work better together. They teamed up with a software developer, UX designer and sales expert to come up with the best platform, and plan for Goodlawyer. Today the team has built and tested a fully functional MVP and have on-boarded several early adopters, who have already experienced the benefits of Goodlawyer. Now expanding into new markets, the team continues to gather critical data, improve the user experience and make Goodlawyer a great tool for clients and lawyers alike.

What we're about

Good People

Goodlawyer is founded on good values that drive everything we do.

Innovating with integrity

We’re leveraging technology to make legal practice better and more efficient. We want to improve the customer experience, while respecting the unique client-lawyer relationship.

Better access

We’re helping everyone get access to quality, affordable and transparent legal services. Too many people and businesses go without the legal help they need because they can’t afford it.


With a deep understanding of what clients and lawyers want, we’re proud to help people on both sides of legal practice. We’re invested in enhancing every part of the experience.

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