Hi. We're Goodlawyer.

Goodlawyer is a startup on a mission to make lawyers more accessible. We connect founders with lawyers who have the expertise they need — without the billable hours.

Do good. Don't just be good. but do good... because the world needs more of it.

Why choose Goodlawyer?

Remote options

We allow all our team to work from home or at the office, or a mixture of the two! During this unprecedented time, we have expanded our outreach for anyone interested across Canada.

Learn lots

Goodlawyer has countless opportunities for learning and aligns with most co-op programs. It's a fast-paced environment that will help you develop a wide variety of professional skills.

Shape your role

We are a welcoming bunch and ideas are always encouraged! Take charge of your work and shape your role within the company based on your skills and aspirations.

Current Opportunities

Intermediate/ Senior Backend Developer

Work closely with other members of our development team to build our backend API's. The ideal candidate will be experienced in microservice and event-based architecture, pub/sub communication, various data storage technologies and API testing methodologies. Learn more.

Web Developer

Work closely with other members of our Development, Growth and Product teams in Calgary. The successful candidate will be a part of a multi-disciplinary team and the sole web developer working on our frontend sales-oriented website. Learn more.

Build a Career

Grant Lahring

"Goodlawyer started as a launchpad to apply the things I was learning in my MBA. That was two years ago, and now I lead growth. It’s been a truly exciting journey and I can’t wait for the next challenge. Going to work has honestly never been so good!"

Rachel Feddema

"Joining this team was a great decision. It’s been enjoyable, rewarding, and a lot of fun. I have the freedom to tackle projects that are exciting and opportunities to level up my skills while working with very talented and supportive colleagues."

Christian Garrovillo

"Goodlawyer has given me the chance to be creative and write code that solves real-world problems. It’s so cool to see the impact your work is having on the people using your product, helping them grow their businesses and build their dreams."

Erin McKlusky

"I have LOVED working with Goodlawyer — if you are looking for a collaborative, innovative, and inclusive team, Goodlawyer is the place to work."

Employee Value Proposition

Purposeful work culture

We strive to create meaningful jobs and foster an inclusive work environment that encourages all team members to grow and learn. We consciously foster psychological safety so that our team feels safe to take risks without fear of being embarrassed or punished for admitting a mistake, asking a question, or challenging an established idea or process.

It’s not a lot, but it’s honest

We are a pre-seed startup on a tight budget designed to take us to our next fundraising milestone. We have a flat wage structure that means that everyone earns virtually the same amount, whether you’re a co-founder or intern.

Own a piece of Goodlawyer

Through the power of equity compensation, our team members can earn an ownership stake in Goodlawyer - tying our success to yours. As Goodlawyer owners, our team members, regardless of rank, are invested in Goodlawyer’s long-term success! And as Goodlawyer grows, the value of your equity will, too. Note: not all employment opportunities will be eligible to earn equity compensation.

Affect change and feel good about your impact

77% of legal problems go unaddressed or receive no professional help. We call this the access to justice crisis, and it’s what inspired Goodlawyer. We are on a mission to make lawyers more accessible to founders. We’re proud to have helped over 4000 Canadian founders overcome their legal challenges. Over 40% of our customers are using a lawyer for the very first time thanks to Goodlawyer. That’s what you call the democratization of legal services!

Launchpad for a career in tech

We might be a little biased, but we can’t think of anything cooler than using innovative technology to solve big problems. Whether you’re an experienced full stack developer, marketing guru or an ambitious recent grad, you’ll tackle hard, engaging problems every day. And as lifelong learners, we believe in proactively improving ourselves and setting personal development goals. Intimidated? No. Energized? Heck yes. Perfect. Catalyze your career with Goodlawyer. We are confident our brand will look good on your resume forever.

Join Goodlawyer's growing team

As a growing startup, new opportunities are always presenting themselves. We are always looking for talented people and accept applications on an ongoing basis. Submit a resume today!

If you are a lawyer looking to be a Good Lawyer, please visit our lawyers page.