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About Us

Goodlawyer’s mission is to help entrepreneurs succeed by improving access to legal services. But we’re about more than just providing access to competent legal advice. We efficiently connect Canadian entrepreneurs with our diverse network of independent lawyers who offer on-demand services at transparent prices — so our users are never surprised by a legal bill again.

About You

We are seeking solo and small-firm business lawyers with three or more years of practice in all provinces and territories. The core practice areas we are looking for include: Corporate, Commercial Contracts and Agreements, Technology, Startups, Employment, and Intellectual Property.

Why use Goodlawyer?

Quality Clients

We will filter out the tire kickers and connect you with serious customers who need your help. Active lawyers can earn as much as $15,000 per month.

Work-life balance

Control when you're available and when you're not, and which practice areas you want to work in. That's right, you set the pace!

Be part of a team

Just because you're a solo doesn't mean you have to go it alone! Gain access to a community of solo and small-firm lawyers across the country who help one another succeed.

Access industry leading resources

Our lawyers confidently and competently practice using Thomson Reuters' Practical Law, the legal industry's leading practice support tool and precedent library — at a special Goodlawyer rate.

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Meet (a few) Good Lawyers

Alex Koch

“With Goodlawyer, I am able to better structure my day and my communication with clients which enables me to be a better lawyer and have a more balanced life after work.”

Tom Archibald

“Goodlawyer ensures I have more time to just do my legal work without having to worry about the transactional and administrative components. I am immersed within a wonderful group of diverse lawyers to collaborate with.”

Frequently Asked Questions

We help lawyers grow their practice by providing a new way to find, interact with and serve clients.

Goodlawyer works exclusively with lawyers focused on delivering great customer experiences. In order to qualify to practice through Goodlawyer, you must demonstrate the requisite training, legal skill, experience and customer-oriented mindset to effectively and efficiently service our users' legal needs. Goodlawyer does not work with lawyers that have a history of publicly recorded disciplinary actions.

Goodlawyer is available in all cities, provinces, and territories across Canada.

Goodlawyer reviews lawyer applications on an ongoing basis. Once you have been approved to join, we will contact you to schedule a meeting with our team. After a quick orientation, we will help you set up your profile and you will be ready to receive your first customer through Goodlawyer!

Goodlawyer's mission is to service the legal needs of entrepreneurs, SMEs, early-stage startups, freelancers and solopreneurs. We target and recruit lawyers that specialize in servicing these types of clients. 

Helping entrepreneurs succeed is our core mission. As a result, we strongly encourage our users to rate their lawyer on the completion of a legal mandate and we take unsatisfactory user experiences seriously. Whenever a lawyer on our platform is the subject of a user complaint or if their aggregate user review score falls below a certain threshold, Goodlawyer investigates the lawyer and the relevant circumstances to determine whether the lawyer is fit to continue practicing through our platform. 

The Goodlawyer platform streamlines the traditional invoicing and billing process down to a few minutes and ensures prompt and certain payment collection through credit card payment processing integration with Stripe. 

Unlike other marketing solutions, Goodlawyer does not charge a recurring monthly fee to lawyers and there are no time commitments or hidden fees. Just commitment to providing quality legal services at affordable rates. The only requirement is that the lawyers in our network subscribe to the Practical Law Core package, which they can access at a special Goodlawyer rate once they've been approved to join the network.