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Goodlawyer connects clients with lawyers
Goodlawyer connects clients with lawyers

Growing your practice just got way easier.

Goodlawyer finds you quality clients and turns hours of non-billable work into a few clicks. Plus, you get to join a community of like-minded lawyers across the country.

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Questions about Goodlawyer? You can reach us through the Contact Us page.

About us

Goodlawyer is a legal tech company on a mission to make lawyers more accessible. We connect small businesses to lawyers with the expertise they need, all on a user-friendly platform at prices that are consistently less than half of the national average.

Do good. Don't just be good, but do good...because the world needs more of it.

Brett Colvin — CEO and Co-founder

Why use Goodlawyer?

Quality clients

We will filter out the tire kickers and connect you with serious customers who need your help. Active lawyers can earn as much as $10,000 per month.

Work-life balance

Control when you're available and when you're not, and which practice areas you want to work in. That's right, you set the pace!

Be part of a team

Just because you're a solo doesn't mean you have to go it alone! Gain access to a community of solo and small-firm lawyers across the country who help one another succeed.

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Join the Goodlawyer family

We're always looking for talented lawyers and accept applications on an ongoing basis. Submit a resume today!

High-demand areas

Business Lawyers (General)

We are seeking solo and small-firm business lawyers with three or more years of practice in all provinces and territories. Experience advising entrepreneurs, reviewing contracts, and drafting agreements is required.

Commercial Real Estate Lawyers (Atlantic Canada)

Demand for commercial real estate services is growing rapidly in Atlantic Canada. We are seeking solo and small-firm business lawyers with three or more years of practice to join the platform immediately. Experience reviewing, revising, and completing transactions is required.

Meet (a few) Good Lawyers

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Samuel Michaels

"I've very much enjoyed my experience working with Goodlawyer. The Goodlawyer web platform is straightforward and user-friendly, and working with the company opens an additional revenue stream for my practice."

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Lisa Tan

"As a private practice lawyer, the thing I disliked the most was keeping track of my hours. With Goodlawyer, no more docketing!! I just lawyer, and all the non-billable stuff is taken off my hands."

Pauline Chan

"I have definitely been waiting my whole entire career for something like Goodlawyer. I now separate my practice career into before Goodlawyer and after Goodlawyer."

Frequently asked questions

How does Goodlawyer work?

Goodlawyer is a web-based platform that helps users easily find a lawyer with the right expertise. We help lawyers grow their practice by matching them with new customers. Our platform supplements your current practice by providing a new way to find, interact with, and serve your clients.

Where is Goodlawyer available?

Goodlawyer is available in all cities, provinces, and territories across Canada.

What are the qualification requirements?

Goodlawyer works exclusively with lawyers focused on delivering great customer experiences. In order to qualify, you must have a proven record of reviews and quality, affordable legal services. Goodlawyer does not accept lawyers with a history of complaints.

How much does it cost?

Our pricing model is simple: lawyers only pay for new customers that receive legal services from them. Unlike other marketing solutions, Goodlawyer does not charge a recurring monthly fee to lawyers. There are no time commitments and no hidden fees — you only pay for actual results.

What's the sign-up process like?

Goodlawyer reviews lawyer applications on an ongoing basis. Once you have been approved to join, we will contact you to schedule a meeting with our team. After a quick orientation, we will help you set up your profile and you will be ready to receive your first customer through Goodlawyer!

Goodlawyer is an interactive online service that makes it faster and easier for clients to find and hire legal help solely based on their preferences. We are not a law firm, do not provide any legal services, legal advice or “lawyer referral services” and do not provide or participate in any legal representation.

Goodlawyer connects clients with lawyers
Goodlawyer connects clients with lawyers
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