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Join a community of legal peers, work with high-growth companies across Canada and practice the way you've always wanted to.


5,000+ clients


Up to $15,000 /mo


99% collection rate

The Goodlawyer Difference



Good Clients

Tailor your industries and practice areas to work with some of Canada’s most exciting startups and high-growth businesses.


Lawyer Community

Be part of a network where you can ask questions, find referrals, share learnings, and join a team of high performers.


Support Team

Our dedicated client and lawyer support teams are here to help you, and delivering an amazing experience is our #1 priority.



Billing & Collections

Bill clients directly into your account in two clicks, and never worry about not getting paid again — our collection rate is 99%.


Client & Task Management

Save time with our automated client intake and identification, manage your matters, assign tasks, set reminders, and more.


Partner Resources

Goodlawyer leverages our growing lawyer community to get you huge discounts on industry leading tools and benefits.

Goodlawyer Values

Working with Goodlawyer is flexible. You can take on as many or as few clients as you want, pause your availability whenever, and set your own hours.

We know practicing solo can get lonely sometimes. The Goodlawyer community is a like-minded group of professionals who are there to help each other.

We work tirelessly to build software tools that make your practice more efficient and more profitable. Let us handle the tech, so you can focus on the law.

Goodlawyer Opportunities

Goodlawyer is designed to be flexible, so you can decide when and who you work with. You can take on multiple fractional mandates, focus on project-based services, or both.

Fractional Counsel

Take on a fractional in-house role with one of Canada’s high-growth scaleups or established mid-market companies, and become a key member of a team working on something big.

Startup Marketplace

Acquire new clients on a limited-scope project basis. We’ve seen time after time that forming relationships with startups early in their journey can secure you a client for years to come.

Fractional Associate

Learn and gain experience working on more complex matters and services by teaming up with a more senior and experienced lawyer in the Goodlawyer network as a fractional associate.

Diverse Lawyers & Clients

Goodlawyer is proud to have an inclusive and diverse network of lawyers — with over 50% of our network women and over 40% from equity-deserving groups.

On the flip side, you will also get to work with a diverse community of founders and executives who are building a wide variety of exciting and innovative businesses from across Canada, and expanding all over the world.

Recruiting Legal Talent

Goodlawyer is always on the hunt for top legal talent. We are currently recruiting experienced Canadian lawyers focused on delivering great client experiences with these qualities:


A good match

  • Licensed to practice law in Canada

  • 5+ years of private practice or in-house experience

  • Focused on serving fast-growing businesses

  • Experience in one or more areas of these practice areas: Corporate Governance, Commercial Transactions, Technology Contracting, Debt and Equity Financing, M&A, Intellectual Property, Employment (employer side), Privacy, Regulatory, Corporate Tax


Not right now

  • Less than 5 years of experience

  • Based outside of Canada

  • Practice focused on personal law

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Goodlawyer is a law company and our network of lawyers consists of solos and small boutique firms with independently run practices. We are not a law firm, do not provide any legal services, legal advice or “lawyer referral services” and do not provide or participate in any legal representation.

Goodlawyers get to combine the best parts of being a solo lawyer with the resources and backing of a law firm. They get to be entrepreneurial, work on their own schedule, pick their clients, do as much or as little BD as they want, all while Goodlawyer gives them the operational support typically provided by a medium to large sized law firm (software tools, client support, billing & collections, marketing & sales, peers & colleagues, etc).

The Goodlawyer network is diverse, robust, experienced, and spans from coast to coast across Canada. The majority of our lawyers have 10+ years of experience with a combination of big law, in-house, and solo roles across a wide variety of industries and practice areas (see Recruiting Legal Talent above).

On the far ends of the spectrum, Goodlawyers range from 25+ year experienced former partners at some of Canada’s largest and most well-known firms, to 5 year solos who have demonstrated exceptional talent and client care.

Additionally, Goodlawyer is proud to have an inclusive network of lawyers that is significantly more diverse than legal industry standards, with over 50% of our network women and over 40% from equity-deserving groups.

On Goodlawyer, we only make money when you make money. We do not charge a recurring monthly fee to lawyers and there are no time commitments or hidden fees.

Clients pay Goodlawyer a variable service fee that is calculated based on your legal fee and various other factors. Lawyers pay a 3% Administration Fee / Payment Processing Fee that is automatically deducted from their legal fee payout upon service completion.

Yes and no.

There are no time commitments or billable quotas, but there are Service Standards that we expect lawyers in our network to uphold. We understand that one hand washes the other and that’s why Goodlawyer also makes Commitments to support the Goodlawyers in our network.

Yes. Goodlawyer encrypts all data in transit and at rest, uses field level encryption for any messages exchanged between clients and lawyers, and runs automatic backups on redundant servers.

We also conduct regular third-party security penetration tests and run daily malware scans to ensure our platform is safe.

Goodlawyer has a competitive selection process that follows 6 steps.

  1. Online Application

    Submit an online application to indicate your interest in joining Goodlawyer. We also collect information about a lawyer’s practice experience, employment history and education, and other indicators that make lawyers successful on our platform.

  2. Initial Interview

    We conduct an initial interview with a member of our Lawyer Experience Team to assess the lawyer’s interpersonal characteristics like professionalism and friendliness, as well as their motivations for joining the Goodlawyer network.

  3. Deep-Dive Interview

    Lawyers then meet with our Head of Legal Talent and/or Lawyer-in-Residence to assess the lawyer’s skill and approach to practice. We look for technical knowledge and compatibility with Goodlawyer’s fundamental values: (i) professionalism (ii) quality (iii) fairness and transparency, and (iv) elevated customer experience.

  4. Reference Checks

    Lawyers are asked to provide some recent client and/or peer references.

  5. Signed Acknowledgement

    Before Lawyers can start taking Clients over Goodlawyer, we ask that they sign a symbolic Acknowledgment of Goodlawyer’s Service Standards as well as Goodlawyer’s Commitments to the lawyer network.

  6. Continuous Monitoring

    We continuously monitor, collect, and review client feedback, removing any lawyers that fail to maintain our practice standards and expectations.

Goodlawyer is flexible and you will come across a wide variety of interesting clients and projects, if you want them. You can stick to a la carte services in the marketplace and help many clients, you can focus on helping a couple bigger clients with fractional mandates, or you can do a combination of both.

Goodlawyer’s customers are some of Canada’s most exciting startups and fast-growing businesses, and we use sophisticated technology and targeted marketing to find them for you. When they create their account and fill out their intake form, we collect some standard information about their business that helps us ensure they are being presented with appropriate Goodlawyer options. We also boast a first-class customer service team who can help direct the right customer to the right Goodlawyer if needed.

Yes. We have worked hard to ensure our platform and model don’t cause you any trouble with your Law Society. From taxation, client identification, invoicing, and more, we work closely with lawyers in multiple jurisdictions to ensure our platform follows the rules. There are numerous lawyers in our network who have been through a variety of audits with their respective Law Societies and none have ever had a deficiency or problem with their Goodlawyer files or clients.

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