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Embedded lawyers and flexible legal talent.

Goodlawyer is your trusted partner for custom legal talent solutions that help your legal team do more for less.


Securities & Healthtech

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Who is Fractional InHouse™ for

Need to do more with less?

Overextended legal teams & GCs

Eliminate bottlenecks, fill capacity gaps and recover evenings and weekends for you and your team.

Emerging legal challenges

Augment your legal function with specialist domain expertise, without ballooning external firm costs.

Dynamic legal operations

Seconded legal talent for special projects, seasonal surges, long-term leaves and unexpected departures.
How is it different

Benefits of Fractional InHouse™

Business-focused expertise

Experienced in-house lawyers who deliver practical solutions, not memos.

Massive cost savings

High-caliber legal talent for 50-70% less than your typical Big Law rates.

Better delivery & results

Embedded lawyers learn your business to deliver better work product, faster

Enhanced accountability

Dedicated account managers ensure your lawyer meets your expectations.

“Goodlawyer brought us lawyers with comparable skill and acumen as my external counsel, but they’ve actually worked in my industry and understand their role in helping the business operate.”

Jan Cerny
Managing Director
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How it works

Steps to get started with Fractional InHouse™

Initial discovery

Book a discovery meeting with our in-house expert, so we can understand the challenges facing your legal team.

Design your engagement

Goodlawyer will curate a shortlist of top Fractional InHouse™ lawyers for your custom engagement structure.

Meet our talent

Once you confirm your ideal engagement structure and talent profile, we will facilitate lawyer interviews.


Integrate your ideal lawyer into your team's workspace to launch the initial pilot, ensuring immediate ROI.
What it looks like

Fractional InHouse™ Case Studies

Fractional mandates are customized for your business and pricing will depend on the lawyer and volume of work. See example engagements below.
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17 years of experience
Canadian fintech unicorn
1 day per week equivalent
Working directly with the GC to navigate the complex financial services regulatory framework.
71% less than big firm comparable
A woman in a suit standing in front of a blue background.
13 years of experience
Publicly listed software company
1 to 1.5 day per week equivalent
Reporting to the Head of Legal to provide capital markets expertise and support commercial operations.
68% less than big firm comparable
A man wearing glasses and a burgundy jacket.
6 years of experience
Professional services firm
0.5 to 1 day per week equivalent
Working under the Associate GC; focus on managing data privacy (Quebec) and cybersecurity compliance.
63% less than big firm comparable

Get started with Fractional today.

Book a free discovery call to see if Fractional InHouse™ is right for you.
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Where do you get your talent?
We pride ourselves on the exceptional quality of our legal talent. Our rigorous vetting and recruitment process turns away roughly 95% of applicants. This ensures that our network only has top-tier talent. Our Fractional Counsels boast an average of 12 years of legal experience, often hailing from prestigious backgrounds in big law firms like Blakes, BLG, and Osler, or holding significant in-house roles at renowned companies such as Wal-Mart, Shopify, and TD. This blend of experience ensures a comprehensive understanding and ability to cater to a diverse range of legal needs.
What if I don’t use all the hours?
We understand that legal needs have peaks and valleys, so we built Fractional Counsel with flexibility at its core. Each engagement has a quarterly (90-day) rollover window, allowing you the freedom to utilize any unused hours within this period. This approach ensures that you get the full value of your Fractional Counsel, providing you with peace of mind and the flexibility to use their services as and when your needs arise.
What does the 90-day pilot entail?
Every fractional mandate begins with a 90-day pilot. We do this to build trust and demonstrate the value of your fractional counsel, while also collecting feedback that can be used to refine and optimize the engagement. Our Operations team will help your Fractional Counsel get integrated using our proven best practices.

The first steps include onboarding like you would any new team member, including setting up a company email and scheduling a weekly recurring touchpoint. Our Fractional Counsels are keen to roll up their sleeves and take on immediate tasks while working with management to identify longer-term priorities.

Throughout the Pilot, our Operations team will check in and ensure your project is on track for a successful outcome. The pilot will conclude with a review to determine whether adjustments are required before continuing the mandate.
What makes Goodlawyer different from other ALSPs?
Goodlawyer sets itself apart from other Alternative Legal Service Providers primarily through its unique approach to engaging legal talent. Unlike many ALSPs, we do not impose full-time, exclusive work requirements on our lawyers. This flexibility allows us to attract and retain highly experienced and skilled legal professionals across Canada. 

Furthermore, top lawyers are attracted to practicing as Fractional Counsel with innovative scaleups and modern in-house teams. This exposure to challenging and innovative environments is a critical factor in Goodlawyer's ability to attract top legal talent and deliver high-quality legal services to our clients.