Corporate Services & Client Referrals

Goodlawyer is proud to serve MNP referrals with efficient and reliable corporate legal services. This page will guide MNP team members and their client referrals on their Goodlawyer journey. It contains links to critical pages, information about the workflow, and frequently asked questions.
How it works

MNP workflow

1. Account creation

MNP will create a Goodlawyer account on their clients’ behalf and notify their Goodlawyer representative via email.

2. Account hand-off

Once the new account is created, The CSA or client can initiate a password reset to hand-off the account to the client.

3. Lawyer connection

The Goodlawyer team will introduce the assigned lawyer to the introductory email thread and send a calendar invite for the kick-off call.

4. Kick-off Call & Minute Book

We suggest CSA provide the lawyer with the client's minute book in advance of their kick-off call.

5. Scope the legal work

During the call, the client and MNP will work with the lawyer to scope the work and estimate completion.

6. Accept your quote

Accept the Quote(s) from your dashboard, add a payment method, and watch your email for updates.

MNP referrals

Flat-rate pricing

All prices listed below for “basic” cases. Additional or reduced charges may apply at the lawyers discretion after scoping your needs. Taxes and filing fees are not included.
Minute Book Cleanup / Reorganization
Starts at $315 + $199 per additional year if required
Dividend Resolutions
Starts at $720, resolution updates to additional years of operation are subject to additional flat-fees
Section 85 Rollover
Custom pricing available
Corporate Reorganization Packages
Custom pricing available
Share Redemptions, Transfers or Issuances
Starts at $399 - 799 per individual agreement
Minute Book Creation
Starts at $599


How do I create an account for my clients? (MNP)
MNP CSAs should be using one of the two email templates provided by Goodlawyer to communicate with clients for account creation. Please contact if you are unsure or do not have the appropriate templates.

For MNP CSAs or GPs, the first step is creating an account on behalf of your client. Start by going to and use your client’s preferred email address to create the account, and use their corporate information to set up the company. You will require your client’s contact information and basic information about the corporation like the corporation’s registered address, name and/or number, and the corporate registration number. You will have to create a temporary password for the client account.

To hand-off the account to the client please logout, then the MNP CSA or the client can visit and click on “Forgot password?” to initiate a password reset.
How are lawyers selected?
We can connect you to lawyers in every major Canadian city, but on Goodlawyer you are not limited to working with a lawyer who is based in your area. Goodlawyer makes it easy to connect and work with lawyers 100% remotely. You can access top lawyers with the specific expertise your business needs regardless of where you are located.

Goodlawyer handles MNP files using a small and trusted roster of lawyers. This means the lawyer you’re working with has seen similar clients and files, worked with MNP, and can complete your legal work efficiently and effectively.
When does billing occur?
The client’s credit card will be charged upon completion of the service and the agreed upon deliverables. For more complex mandates, billing may occur on delivery of drafts or planned project milestones that have been agreed upon with the client.

In unique circumstances, Goodlawyer can facilitate payments with direct bank transfers or authorized debits. Please inquire with your Goodlawyer representative if alternative payments are required.
How do we monitor progress?
Goodlawyer has resources dedicated to monitoring MNP files. We will provide file progress updates to all parties and will promptly communicate delays or missing information.