Goodlawyer Pro | Unlimited Legal Advice | $49 per mo.
Goodlawyer connects clients with lawyers
Goodlawyer connects clients with lawyers

Run your business like a Pro.

Unlimited advice sessions with as many lawyers as you need. Plus vetted templates, exclusive discounts, and community access — with Goodlawyer Pro.

Not sure what you need? Book a free call with our Legal Concierge.

Do you avoid calling your lawyer?

You're not alone. 77% of legal needs go unmet because law firms can be expensive, unresponsive, and intimidating. You need fast and affordable help they can't offer.

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Huge overhead

Fancy offices and partner bonuses mean you pay more for legal. Who paid for that sculpture in the lobby?

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Billable hours

Did you know law firms charge in 6-minute increments? The more time they spend, the more they make.

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Low priority

Unless you spend thousands per month, you're too small to care about. Big firms prioritize big clients.

Goodlawyer Pro changes everything.

No billable hours or surprise fees. Just good legal advice when you need it. Plus a dedicated legal concierge to make sure your business is always top priority.

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Unlimited Advice Sessions.

Lawyers charge you for their time (the billable hour). Sometimes it works, but it's really bad for quick questions. We've heard countless horror stories from owners calling their lawyer for a quick question and getting a surprise $200 bill for their trouble.

As a Goodlawyer Pro subscriber, you'll be able to ask all the questions you need, to as many lawyers as you need, without being worried about the bill — or completely blown away by it.

A legal army at your back.

No single lawyer can be an expert in every aspect of your business. You need trademark tips from a trademark lawyer, tax tips from a tax lawyer, and employment tips from an employment lawyer.

With Goodlawyer Pro, you'll be able to access our diverse roster of lawyers from all over the country. Don't settle for a jack-of-all-trades, because what you really need is a stable full of masters.

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Quick and easy answers.

Getting answers from a lawyer can be slow and painful, even for simple questions. Sometimes they're busy, on holiday, or working on a project for a bigger client so they don't have time for you.

Goodlawyer Pros don't have to worry about that. You can book yourself directly into a lawyer's calendar and get the answers you need in as little as two hours.

What else is included?

✓ Annual Pros get a 7% reduction on service fees (13% instead of 20%)

✓ Software discounts: Epilogue, Pipedrive, Plutio, and Squarespace.

✓ Service discounts: bookkeeping, printing, virtual assistants, and software development.

✓ Vetted templates for contracts, letters, resolutions, and more.

✓ Personalized onboarding to maximize your Pro membership.

✓ Slack channel community access reserved for Goodlawyer Pro members only.

✓ Pro customer support here for you when you need them, 24/7.

How does Goodlawyer Pro work?

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1. Sign Up

Setting up your Goodlawyer Pro account takes less than five minutes and we’ve got support a click away


2. Get Onboarded

After signing up, you’ll get a personalized onboarding tour to show you how to make the most of your Pro subscription.

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3. Save On Legal

Being an annual Pro pays for itself with just 11 advice sessions! Plus, an additional 7% savings on service fees and loads of other goodies.

So, how much does Pro cost?

1 billable hour at your average firm buys you a full year of Pro.


+tax per quarter (3 months)


+tax per year (12 months)

Annual Pros get a 7% reduction in service fees on all legal services over the platform.

What have customers said? Ask Google.


Wasn't sure what to expect but was blown away by the value and quality of help I got through Goodlawyer for my small business! Will 100% be back.

Jiliane — Google Review

Are there any limits on Advice Sessions?

No, not at the moment. You can book as many sessions as you need with as many lawyers as you need. Still, we ask that you try to respect your lawyer's time because otherwise we may need to impose limits in the future.

Can I share a Pro account with my business partner?

No. Law Society regulations require lawyers to keep extensive documentation of each person they deal with and Goodlawyer Pro accounts can only contain the profile of one person. This is an inconvenience we're aware of and hope to solve in the near future.

Can I work with more than one lawyer?

Yes. You can work with a different lawyer every day, if you want to. If you'd rather work exclusively with a single lawyer, you can do that too.

Does a Pro membership affect services besides Advice Sessions?

Annual Pro subscribers receive a 7% reduction on service fees. That means we only charge 13% on top of legal fees rather than the standard 20% for the marketplace. This discount does not apply to quarterly Pro subscribers.

What happens if I cancel my Pro membership?

Cancelling your membership will cancel the automatic renewal of your subscription. You will still retain access to all of the Pro features until your renewal date, at which point you will lose access to all Pro features. You’ll still have access to your Goodlawyer account and the marketplace, and won’t lose any of your records or previous interactions with lawyers.

What if I need advice relating to a contract?

This is a grey area. If you have specific questions about a specific contract, you will need to book a Contract Review. If you're looking for high-level advice on a topic related to contracts, you can ask your lawyer in an Advice Session and your Pro membership will cover it for free.

What if I have questions relating to non-Canadian law?

Some of the lawyers on Goodlawyer have experience with the laws in foreign countries, particularly America. It can be difficult to find these lawyers when you need them, so we recommend booking a session with a Legal Concierge so that they can point you in the right direction.

What if I just have one question?

If you think you're only going to need a single 15-minute call with a lawyer, consider booking an Advice Session instead of signing up for Pro. This will be slightly cheaper and quicker.

Is there a free trial?

No, not usually. On some occasions our sales team can give out a free trial of Pro, but we believe that the value of our subscription model speaks for itself. We recommend booking an Advice Session or a Legal Concierge call if you want to get a feel for using Goodlawyer before signing up for Pro.

Goodlawyer is an interactive online service that makes it faster and easier for clients to find and hire legal help solely based on their preferences. We are not a law firm, do not provide any legal services, legal advice or “lawyer referral services” and do not provide or participate in any legal representation.

Goodlawyer connects clients with lawyers
Goodlawyer connects clients with lawyers
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