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Move faster with a lawyer who prioritizes you.

Free up your key executives by delegating your legal function to an experienced Fractional GC™ you can trust.


B2B SaaS & Energy

A happy man in a suit and tie providing Goodlawyer Fractional GC™ service to mid-market companies.
Who is Fractional GC™ for

Does legal slow you down?

Overextended executives

Ideal for CEOs & CFOs who are tired of juggling legal on top of their core duties and paying jaw-dropping hourly rates.

Fast-growing scaleups

Scaling means new legal hurdles, higher contract volumes, and greater risk — time to upgrade your legal function.

Mature mid-market companies

Most legal work doesn’t make sense to send to big firms, especially when you can have your Fractional GC™ do it.
How is it different

Features of Fractional GC™

10x faster turnaround

Fractional lawyers only take on 2-4 clients at a time, so you’re always top priority.

Free up key executives

Let your leadership team focus on growing the company, not papering the deals.

Business-first deliverables

A lawyer who knows your goals and risk tolerance can drive the solutions you need.

Massive cost savings

Maximize your legal budget with rates that are 60-70% lower than you’re used to.

"We can't say enough good things about our Fractional GC™ — they have been incredibly helpful in executing projects and initiatives that we had put on the back burner."

Marjorie Junio-Read
CFO at Helcim
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How it works

Steps to get started with Fractional GC™

Initial discovery

Book a discovery meeting with our in-house expert, so we can understand the legal challenges facing your business.

Design your engagement

Goodlawyer will curate a shortlist of top Fractional GC™ lawyers for your custom engagement structure.

Meet our talent

Once you confirm your ideal engagement structure and talent profile, we will facilitate lawyer interviews.


Integrate your ideal lawyer into your team's workspace to launch the initial pilot, ensuring immediate ROI.
What does it look like

Fractional GC™ Case Studies

Fractional mandates are customized for your business and pricing will depend on the lawyer and volume of work. See example engagements below.
A lawyer in a blue suit and tie providing the Goodlawyer Fractional GC™ service for scaling up businesses.
10 years experience
Venture-backed AI scaleup
1-2 days per week equivalent
Managing privacy compliance and enterprise sales contracts
68% less than big firm comparable
A woman in a black dress standing in front of an orange wall represents the Goodlawyer Fractional GC™ service for scaling up mid-market companies.
17 years experience
Leading Canadian private equity firm
1 day per week equivalent
Supporting commercial transactions and portfolio companies
72% less than big firm comparable
A man wearing glasses and a blue jacket, representing Goodlawyer Fractional GC services for mid-market companies.
16 years experience
Venture-backed B2B SaaS company
0.5 to 1 day per week equivalent
Facilitating ongoing M&A and product commercialization
65% less than big firm comparable

Get started with Fractional today.

Book a free discovery call to see if Fractional GC™ is right for you.
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Where do you get your talent?
We pride ourselves on the exceptional quality of our legal talent. Our rigorous vetting and recruitment process turns away roughly 95% of applicants. This ensures that our network only has top-tier talent. Our Fractional GCs boast an average of 12 years of legal experience, hailing from prestigious backgrounds in big law firms like Blakes, BLG, and Osler, or holding significant in-house roles at renowned companies such as Wal-Mart, Shopify, and TD. This blend of experience ensures a comprehensive understanding and ability to cater to a diverse range of legal needs.
Can I still work with my existing lawyer(s)?
If you’d like to, of course! Your Fractional GC will be able to take a lot off your existing lawyer’s plate (and save you a ton in legal fees). Fractional GCs can also take responsibility for managing and working alongside those external legal providers. So when a complex matter requires a specialized IP or tax lawyer, for example, your Fractional GC can use the shared language of lawyers to manage and guide external counsel on business objectives and broader context.
What does the 90-day pilot entail?
Every fractional mandate begins with a 90-day pilot. We do this to build trust and demonstrate the value of your Fractional Counsel, while also collecting feedback that can be used to refine and optimize the engagement. Our Operations team will help your Fractional GC get fully integrated by following our proven best practices.

The first steps include onboarding like you would any new team member, including setting up a company email and scheduling a weekly recurring touchpoint. Our Fractional GCs are keen to roll up their sleeves and take on immediate tasks while working with management to identify longer-term priorities.

Throughout the pilot, our Operations team will check in and ensure your engagement is on track for a successful outcome. The pilot will conclude with a review to determine whether adjustments are required before continuing the mandate.
What if I don’t use all of the hours?
We understand that legal needs have peaks and valleys, so we built Fractional GC with flexibility at its core. Each engagement has a quarterly (90-day) rollover window, allowing you the freedom to utilize any unused hours within this period. This approach ensures that you get the full value of your Fractional GC, providing you with peace of mind and the flexibility to utilize them as and when your needs arise.